How to use IGTv for your Business

Everyone is buzzing about the new IGTV that was released 06/20/2018. This is a huge opportunity for business to take advantage of. Be the first in your market to lead the way in creating videos that generate you more customers by using IGTV for your business .

In this post you will learn why your business should use IGTV, how to effectively turn viewers into customers through IGTV & a step by step guide on how to edit vertical videos for IGTV.

The key to using IGTV for your business is going to be creating content that not only engages your followers but also gives some sort of value to them.

Why should your business use IGTV:

  • No searching or browsing, IGTV plays instantly without even clicking a button which means there are more eyes viewing your video without even having to search for you.

  • Get closer to your potential customers and build actual relationships with them.

Turn viewers into paying customers using IGTV:

  • First you need to create something that is above average as far as quality goes. This is not like your IG stories which can be just quick fun videos shot with your iPhone. You want people to engage with these videos and for someone to watch anything for more than a few seconds the quality has to be above average. Preferably shoot this video on a higher quality camera but an iPhone will suffice.

  • Editing is going to be key, again, unlike IG stories this longer form content gives you a chance to really spend some time editing and creating something worth watching.

  • Now, what kind of videos do you want to shoot?? This will be different for different business and different goals, but in general you want the content of your video to be either: informative, engaging, entertaining or inspiring.

  • You really do not want to use IGTV for directly selling a product. If it is too product flashy it is goin to look like a TV commercial and your potential customer will skip right over it.

  • Once you have built this community & given some sort of value to the customer then you can advertise your product to them through Instagram and Facebook ads and target people that have viewed your content. At this point they are 10X more likely to become a paying customer.

How to edit vertical videos to IGTV:

*We will be making a video shortly*

  • First it depends if you are using an iPhone or an actually handheld camera

  • If using an iPhone it is quite simple, just record your video vertically and use an app called Videoshop. this is a super easy editor that you can add text, music and combine clips to and export in vertical straight to you tube.

  • If your using a professional camera it is a bit more difficult but worth the higher quality video.

  • You record in the same way you normally would holding the camera still in landscape.

  • The editing is where this gets tricky... Using premier pro or final cut pro you need to change the format from 1920 X 1080 to 1080 X 1920

  • In final cut pro this is under the window tab then project properties.

  • Premier Pro this is under Sequence tab and then click Sequence settings.

  • Once the format is changed you will need to zoom in on your video and move it around so that the subject of the video is centered.

  • When exporting be sure it stays in the same format, then just simply upload to IGTV

And there you have it, get ahead of your competition and start using IGTV to generate more customer conversion for your business. Remember the key to creating content is tell an interesting story & give value to your customers don't just try and shove product down their throat.

Thank you so much for reading I hope you found this post useful.

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